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meetings. we will show some of the "b" roll of these meetings in texas and long island. pennsylvania. everywhere a congressperson holds a meeting, apparently, these people show up, well-dressed, middle-class people in pinks and limes, if you will. who are they? they have been called the brooks brothers brigade. who are these people? >> they are conservatives who are being organized by several different republican organizations. one of them is an organization committed to defeat health care. they're running on their site every list of town hall meetings they can find and encouraging people to show up. the republican house committee is also urging and organizing people to go out to these town hall meetings and basically create a fuss that can then go viral on the web and make it appear as though there's a great deal of opposition to the president's plan. the problem is that some of these town hall meetings, they have been outnumbered by citizens who would actually like to discuss the issue in a more civilized way, and they shouted those folks down. >> wow. let me go to chris cillizza.
pennsylvania. this county is now under a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:15 p.m. tonight. that storm is imminent for cecil county. you want to get inside and stay inside until these storms rolled through. they do have a history of producing gusty winds. they are also moving very fast. we will continue to watch these storms over the next few hours. they will quit the northern portion of the greater baltimore area. we will have more on the storms. the heat and humidity are the big stories. for the latest on keeping cool, we had outside to kim cdacey. the baltimore health department has declared today, tamara, and two-state as red alert days. they have opened up cooling centers that offer a retreat from the hot weather. the air-conditioning, water, and ice. anyone without air conditioning is encouraged to visit these centers during the heat of the day. the health department and the m ca are getting it easier to get to the centers. >> we are providing bus passes that will be good for code red heat alert days. people can use the bus pass to get to a cooling center. we have six cooling cen
're keeping on, your old state of pennsylvania, the average family will be paying 50% of their income by 2016. in california 41% for premiums. it's unsustainable. so people are trying to divert us off. i think a lot of insurance companies are behind this. they have made 400% increase in profits in the last few years. their ceos make $14 million, $20 million a year. so they're making us off on this culture war direction that has nothing to do with anything really. >> well, in other words, a person no matter what age isn't going to be confronted by government agents and forced to make decisions about their end of life decisions. you're saying it will not be in the bill. >> that's right. >> number two, no abortion is going to be paid for by the health care bill, is that correct? no abortion is going to be subsidized by the health care bill? >> yes, because the hyde amendment is still in play and will continue to be in play. all of this is a diversion by the people who want to, frankly, hurt president obama. you have heard the republican senator jim demint say it. let's make this obama's waterloo
where i have been over 50 years now. >> you looked on pennsylvania avenue, how has it changed since you came here 50 years ago? >> it's changed tremendously. just where we are now, there was a department store and we had a lot of crummy little stores and shops and two-story buildings and the great visionary who changed pennsylvania avenue was pat moynihan who lives in this building just up there in the next apartment under the pennsylvania avenue project, so it is much more like pierre l'enfant, the designer of washington wanted to be diprete avenue of the republic instead of something that looked like a fair rate provincial town. .. and see the great independence and the constitution prevents these so easily across the street from all those major documents? >> that is the justice department. she and her body guards used to walk over, it used to walk to the justice department every morning. for little guys in big atoll deperino. >> why did you decide to buy an apartment here? >> we lived in the suburbs in montgomery county for almost 25 years. the children finished college and i've real
. a little bit in pennsylvania and baltimore. i have circled baltimore as a reference point. we have a few showers for rioja -- a few showers. most of the storm activity moves eastward from pennsylvania, and those are not nearly as strong as an hour ago but did produce some hail and gusty winds' triggered if a storm cell develops over you, -- and gusty winds. if the storm cell develops, they are not moving very quickly, and there is not much activity now, but the atmosphere is loaded with lots of moisture. if anything huelva, we have a chance for rain. morning lows are only 76 degrees. here in town, no rain. here you see the clouds from those storms with the stronger storms in pennsylvania. some pretty strong thunderstorms in the mountains of virginia and really strong in ohio. we have beautiful satellite pictures. so for the storm has stayed to see, missing the eastern seaboard, -- has stayed out to sea, missing the eastern seaboard. it is going to cause rip currents. warm and humid overnight. a few thunderstorms or showers are possible. 87 to 91. a better chance towards evening and overn
raised two children in harrisburg, pennsylvania with her husband, todd, a carpenter. life had been good, but tough. >> some of it was difficult. there's never enough money when you're young and you're starting a family, especially that young. >> reporter: did you work long hours? >> i worked long hours. >> reporter: back then with little money for lavish vacations, darlene had to find fun in her own pennsylvania back yard. it sat down the road from interstate 81, friends and strangers alike, always welcome, says her daughter. >> she would try and just make everybody happy. she didn't want somebody in a corner by themselves a i loan not having a good time. >> reporter: if you were not in the mood, she would pick you up, boost you up? >> she would do something to make you laugh. >> reporter: they'll tell you that too. they became fast friends when todd coached their boys in football and darlene entertained them afterwards in their yard. >> she liked to be outdoors. my kids told me when they stayed for the week, they spent the night in a tent down in the yard with darlene, it was cold, it
, in pennsylvania where one senator has already faced crowds, we'll tell you all about that, arlen specter there, of course, and ali velshi aboard the cnn express. his first stop is chattanooga, tennessee. americans are telling their own stories on health care reform. >>> and today rowlands is following a mission to bring health care to everyone. today, people line up for free clinic in los angeles. >>> first, i want to give you a glimpse of what lawmakers are facing as they host meetings with constituents. >> we're number 60 in line, and there's probably 400 or 500 behind us. >> i've stood here -- i've been here since 3:00. >> short tempers, long lines, jam packed day ahead in the health care debate. first, let's get the pulse of the people. ali velshi aboard the cnn express talking to americans about health care as he travels through half dozen states. he is joining us from his first stop, that's chattanooga, tennessee. ali, if you could, tell us a little bit more about what you are expecting to see and who you're going to talk with today. >> what do i say? >> hey, ali can you hear me. >> repo
." 150 years since the start of america's oil rush. can pennsylvania offer new and cleaner energy? first, mexico's government has promised to beef up its forces in the battle against narcotics, but the vineland's links to cartels plagues the country. -- the violence linked to cartels played the country. at least 800 have been killed in a related crimes this year. >> each of the killings resemble organized crime heads. 13 people were killed in just 24 hours. police could give a little information about motives or suspects. no one has been arrested. nestled along the american border, the city has mexico's highest rate of drug-related murders. this year, more than 800 people have been killed. the government plays the violence on turf wars between rival smugglers battling. nationwide, a staggering and 11,000 people have been murdered in less than three years. that is a terrifying average of nearly 11 of violent deaths a day. the mexican government has increased its efforts with only moderate success. they showed off some of their spoils in mexico city, where they began destroying more than 7
for counties in our area, including york county, pennsylvania, until 8:00 tonight with the strong stuff is to our north in pennsylvania. as far as our weather goes, we are really warm and muggy and he made -- warm and muggy and humid. 89 downtown, 85 at the airport. 88 to 92. the scattered, strong thunderstorms are possible, especially this evening. more on that coming up. >> a dozen members of the queen anne's county football team are recovering this afternoon after succumbing to why the's sweltering temperatures. sky team 11 was over the scene it was transformed into a makeshift triage center. call students collapsed in what is being described as heat exhaustion -- 12 students caught in what is being described as a heat exhaustion. >> we are classifying it as heat-related injury or heat- related response. we have no further information. there have been a lot of reports of chemical problems, chemical issues. >> all of the affected students were taken a hospital for treatment and are expected to fully recover. >>>, the final lap for the wildly popular cash for clunkers program. presiden
a tornado warping across border in pennsylvania but that has expired as we continue to watch some activity up there but looks like for us few scattered showers an thunderstorms possible as we get into the evening hours. talking about heavier cells across the border up to park in pennsylvania the heaviest cell that had a tornadoes warning about 15 minutes ago but right now mainly just thunderstorm activity and behind that up in lancaster looking at heavy downpour of rain and ghost winds as well. here's how the timing of this activity has been. we have seen this activity moving across parts of pennsylvania along the pennsylvania turnpike but looks like a lot of activity still back to the west and south of us. potential we could get some scattered showers and thunderstorms firing up in the area. in fact looking at lightning data you see active cell manufacturing into the western suburb of philadelphia and this is in the last hour looking at 1500 strike of lightning. very active stitch pushing east. the temperatures right now sitting at 92 in dc. 89 in baltimore. looking at 89 in salsb
of the watermain break. according to baltimore city police that could take several weeks. try pennsylvania avenue as an alternate. an incident. bel air road between perry hall and miller road closed because of downed trees. and silver spring and east joppa roads, emergency crews on scene. avoid that area if possible. jfx at north avenue, traffic looks good. back to you. >>> 5:00. now that it's been ruled a homicide what now in the case of michael jackson? >> it looks like his live-in doctor will be facing charges. sherrie johnson here to explain. >> reporter: good morning. after months of investigation los angeles authorities have determined that michael jackson's death was indeed a homicide. the coroner found a fatal combination of appropriate follow and two -- propofol and two sedatives in jackson's systems. the doctor says he was trying to wean jackson off off propofol. he says jackson asked him for the more powerful drug and he gave it to him. murray says at the time he left jackson to make a few phone calls. when he returned his patient wasn't breathing. >> walking out of the room after ad
. pennsylvania senate democrat arlen specter. >> we have to make adjustments and very fast. >> in an advertisement, the democratic party claims the destructions are organized by republican leaders. >> they have called out the mob. >> president obama took a shot. >> suddenly they are blaming the other folks. >> he is sending out his vice president and cabinet officials to give a lot more stimulus funds and talk up recovery. republicans are urging conservatives to dog every democrat to confront them on the economy and on health care. >> it is a dangerous trend on waterways. more voters have been killed so far this year than in all of last year -- more boaters have been killed so far this year than in all of last year. several factors contributed to the deaths. the state could be on its way to its deadliest year since 2005. >> a couple of weather systems approaching that. this afternoon, but so far, no big threat of rain in our immediate vicinity. up to the north of us, there is a cold front dropping down out of pennsylvania. what is more important for our area is that area of
notice a cluster of thunderstorms in northern carroll county and into pennsylvania. strong funds from activity and a severe thunderstorm warning in the fact for pennsylvania -- in effect for pennsylvania, and that will be in effect until 6:00 as the storm moves eastward. we will bring you more this evening, and there is more rain coming up and are forecast in just a minute. >> the american public may be changing its mind by a narrow margin, and is now rejecting the so-called public auction that was once a key element of the obama health care initiative, and that is the finding. >> he called it one sliver of health care reform, but president obama is still fighting for the public option, and so is his health secretary today. >> we continue to support the public auction and keep private insurers honest. >> after two weeks of town halls, where the public of should is a big issue, nbc news finds america has changed its mind, now opposing 47%. last month it was in favor. >> the public does not have the appetite for big governmental change in health care now to reflect the republican point
and took her about 50 yards away from the fitness center. >> brian moore is in bridgeville, pennsylvania right now. what are investigators saying right now about that online diary? >> reporter: it is clear this was a very troubled man. he left behind a 4600-word manifesto talking about how he was a loaner in life and hadn't had a girlfriend since 1984. basically, a lot of excuses and a lot of explanation about his planning. apparently, nine months of planning went into this and he success he chickened out in january, that he came to a health club, armed, ready to go, all his equipment, but at the last minute, did not carry it off. very different last night. authorities say he walked in and shut off the lights. pulled two guns and opened fire. more than 50 shots fired, according to some people. authorities are saying there's nothing that could have been done to stop him. that is one of the lingering questions here. with such a detailed blueprint, how didn't someone? >> i read through this. it is jaw-dropping. we will continue to watch for that news conference. >>> pennsylvania governor, e
in st. mary's county. we have that showers and storms through western pennsylvania. we have watched them come up the appalachian mountains. the air has t durnedry air overhead, and that has been good enough to get rid of the showers. they will be back again when we get into the day on saturday. the 11:00 update on hurricane bill. the watchs i up for bermuda. the track is a little to t east. there could be rough surf along the coast. it looks like a diminishing bill will cut clip -- will cut the mayor times. -- the maritimes. >>> a group of bandits ripped off a pair of atm's, and they did in a matter of seconds. th was in prince george's county and in d.c. new video and reaction to the crimes. >> both businesses had surveillance cameras. employees were calling police in the midst of these crimes. the footage you will see it was shot by a station employee from where he stood behind the security glass. first, here is in real time. these had just pried open and atm. in slow motion, you can see the suspect pulled out the block of money. the other talks the large sum of the cash under his arm.
at pennsylvania and alabama avenue se. >> it is a nightmare, because pennsylvania avenue and alabama avenue is closed. the mangled wreckage of one of the two hicles -- they are writing traffic around. what is truly remarkable, there were several people who saw this accident and jumped into action. you could see people rushing to this gold cadillac and trying to help even though the cadillac is smoking. the driver was badly hurt. all five people and that up being transported. the driver of the cadillac had to be cut out of the vehicle using the jaws of life. the other vehicle is sitting in the middle of the intersection upside down. the passengers inside had to be pulled out of broken windows. this all happen in a little bit after 4:00. -- and this all happened a little bit after 4:00. just about any root out of the district through southeast washington is a nighare. it took us over an hour to get to the scene because traffic in every direction is gridlock because of some conditions on the parkway. if you're traveling through here, be patient. as for the investigation, it is ongoing. what we
life after a deadly car accident in pennsylvania. michael? >> jennifer, pennsylvania state police blame this tragic accident on weather. tonight many are remembering the victims. michael jones jr., seen here in his high school highlight real, was ready to tackle a new opportunity. >> i came to pick up a piece of equipment about two weeks ago. we shook hands and i said, "you'll do well." saturday the 19-year old played in his first scrimmage in pennsylvania. tragically, it would be his last. >> i couldn't believe it. >>reporter: pennsylvania state police say the aspiring athlete was killed along with his girlfriend when the car they were riding in lost control on a slick road and hit a tree along interstate 81. it all happened just 40 miles north of harris burg. >> he's not there. we're not going to see five years from now, you know, what he's progressed to. >>reporter: driving the car was michael's father, michael jones sr. >> his dad was his biggest fan. >>reporter: friends say the three were driving back to baltimore county after the scrimmage to celebrate a birthday. >> i a
on the 1100 block of pennsylvania ave. the east and center is at the 1400 east federal street. the commission on aging has set up a five cooling centers for the elderly or anyone else who needs to get in from the heat. the mta is working with baltimore city to make bus passes available for one free ride for anyone who may need that because of the heat. those passes are available at emergency department and city far as is. -- city fire houses. >> we are hoping folks make it ok through the extreme heat. the latest forecast is always at your for -- always at your fingertips >>> baltimore city police are investigating a possible robbery at a gas station. david collins is following developments. >> we are on the 5800 block of diller avenue. there are actually two crime scenes. let's start with what brought police here in the first place. police are looking for two suspects to help this gas station convenience store. the store sells everything from t-shirts to eliminate. authorities have not released details of the possible weapon or if anyone was hurt. we are told by a gas station empl
of liquor from various stores. >>> two people were rescued from a pennsylvania river after their pleasure boat tanked. the coast guard says one of those victims was pulled from the chilly waters by a good samaritan. the 15-foot boat the victims were on sank around night fall. >>> a colorado fisherman reeled in a state record. the man caught a 35-pound catfish. the largest catfish ever to be snagged in the state. the avid angler now has a fish tale to tell his friends that he can actually document. >>> for a look at national and regional weather, here's meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. not bad, huh? >> one of the tricks is when you get the picture taken, you have to hold your arms out as far as possible to make the fish look even bigger. thought i would give that away. i've done it. let's take a look at the forecast this morning. it will be a warm day. we're already looking at temperatures in the 70s. just about everywhere. even into the boston, up in the 70s. 84 to start your morning in miami. 78 in new orleans and 70 in chicago. today will be for the eastern h
if york, pennsylvania, 70 downtown. typically warmer there but only 61 at the airport. low 60's on the eastern shore as well. beautiful sky conditions, plenty of blue out there. winds out of the northwest at 5-10 miles an hour and probably 84 out at the airport but depending on the location, 80-85. partly cloudy skies yesterday but then slowly and surely the heat creeps back into the forecast and more on all that coming up. right now let's check out our friday morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. we are still dealing with that water mean break in the city. the watermain break is fixed but westbound northern parkway between roland and falls road consider an alternate. going to cause problems as we go through the morning rush and eastbound north 100 at 295 a report of an accident. a live look outside. hartford road you can see very little traffic out there. 95 and the white marsh area, usually one of our hot spots of the morning but right now checking out ok. stan and mindy? >> our big story an investigation into a stolen car turns into a deadly accident. >> the tragic scen
pennsylvania. motivation behind the murder. >> and a cold war flash back, what are russian nuclear submarines doing off the coastlines. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again i am jeff barnd. jennifer after tonight off. rec center in one balt more neighborhood will shut its doors in a few days. now there is a battle over who is to blame and where will the kids go now. we are live at the city hall with the latest on the story. what can you tell us. >> parents say their kids have been abandoned. and that they think that the city is to blame. rec and parks, said as of july 1st, that department can no longer provide recreational programming at the center because the facility is not suitable for viable programs. the center is a wing of carter g woodson elementary middle and in the hands of the baltimore city schools. school officials have not decided what to do with the center. in the meantime, dozens of kids have written letters to the mayor, begging for her help. and parents say the mayor is their last option. >> i mea
saratoga street closed between mlk boulevard and reed. the alternate is pennsylvania. fayette street is closed between park avenue and utah street because of a gas main break. west bound 195 between washington boulevard and 95 there is an accident. i-95 southbound between the harbor tunnel and 695 looking good. west side of the beltway, wilkens avenue looking good. 97 south of 695 looking great as well. back to you. >> our big story, glasses are back in session. full swing today, the last few districts return for the new school year. >> live team coverage in baltimore city, baltimore county, and howard county student's return to school today. tim tooten is outside dunbar high school. >> people driving along orleans street can get a peek at this renovated paul laurence dunbar high school. but there's a lot more to see when you come inside. the city has invested $32 million in getting the school up to speed. students will see a lot. classrooms, cafeteria, library. plants have been on the drawing board since 2001. the governor, the mayor, the ceo of schools will be europe to cut the rib
at 50 urand r p up r pesto t and 70 miles d urhor in pennsylvania. if you are tcwa nghius anywhere y you ngbayou have to wa istch this line ofor it. will stay astern itwi ll beit will be track will actrthk this line of storm and there is a chance of a thunderstorm for the next couple hours especial i will east of town. we will check the seven-day forecast when i come back. >>> was there another collision of two metro train or near collision of metro trains that the public was not told about until today. the system says it was not a close call but the washington post said they were dangerously close. >> reporter: once again metro and the washington post are providing different versions of what problem with the automatic train control system means. back in march a train overshot the platform at the potomac avenue station. because of the automatic train control system. the post says the national transportation safety board did not find out until loose week. and the metro says the post is comparing apples and oranges. the post is asked why the ntsb is only now finding out about a probl
: philadelphia, pennsylvania. a town hall. >> will you enroll you in your family in any public auction and forgo the congressional option you have now? -- in any public option? >> i do believe in my heart that single payer is the best thing for quality health care. [cheers and applause] >> i want the insurance i have because i picked it. i picked it. it covers me. it covers my wife. it covers my daughter. and i picked it. how can you tell me that the private options will stay in place when my employer with 29,000 employees can just turn around tomorrow and say, "we are writing off the bottom line. you all can go to the public option." greta: the health-care plan is not particularly popular in pennsylvania. and you rasmussen poll shows that only 42% bear -- a new rasmussen poll shows that only 42% -- they are passionate, are they not? >> they are. you know, in the middle of a savage recession, how can you not have anxiety for a government that over the last 10 years has not been very accountable? so it was a great session. greta: your leadership and the house. where you say it is un-american to b
. participants were not screened but none were disrupted. this was in pennsylvania this morning. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. >> this was a democratic meeting in missouri this afternoon. is this created by a republican organizers? protesters say no. >> they are pouring gasoline on the fire. >> heating up the debate on what president obama calls health insurance reform. retooling what he calls it is a sure sign that he believes his health initiative is in trouble. >> both sides of the issue expect the health care debate to continue all summer long across the country and right here in maryland. hundreds of protesters showed up at a town hall meeting hosted by senator ben cardin. what should we make of it all? kate amara has more. >> we have to clear up an important misconception. according to the senator's office, no tickets were required to the event last night. people were let in on a first- come, first-served basis, which makes sense if you think about it. most people in the crowd were opposed to his opinions on health care. the national health care reform debate popped up loudly and promine
. panhandle of west virginia this morning. those are heading up to pennsylvania at this hour. it's a steamy, hot day under way. we are in the mid and upper 80s now from the shenandoah valley, and in montgomery, arlington counties in the upper 80s now. look at the dew points in the upper 70s. and then it's more humid than here in the area here. and temperatures there at the beach is now right in the upper 80s and out in the mountains it's near 70 degrees. over the last six hours, we have been watching a few storms heading up into pennsylvania in the southwest. and then we have strong storms possible this afternoon, 3:00 to 7:00, and includes frankly all of maryland and the district of columbia and up in pennsylvania. we could have isolated storms up in this zone producing damaging winds. and here is the latest with hurricane bill. it still has quite a bit of structure to it, although the eye filled in overnight. now it has opened back up again. look at all of this confection. these are all heavy thunderstos, especially on the northern side of it. here are the latest statistics. winds moving
news from the state of pennsylvania. good news, 50 state study of test results by the center on edge indication policy chose pennsylvania as the only state to see increases in student achievement in elementary, mid and high school from 2002 through 2008. the bad news. protracted and very partisan state budget impasse including a fate over public education funding might throw all of this into a turmoil. joining us from philadelphia, bill cosby. the famed actor, comedian, education activist and doctorate in education and, of course, best-selling author as well. in harrisburg, pen, our friend the governor of pennsylvania, ed rendell. what do those test results show to you, bill? >> you -- well, it means that we have made a great improvement over the years that rent has been in office. and he will give you the mums. he sounds a lot better than i because he lived with them. the most important thing is with the improvements that we are making in the position we are in, why would anyone want to now make a cut or make cuts in something that is running towards perhaps 100% instead of 70%? >>
from pennsylvania who is ok with the democrat go it alone approach if need be. should the president be more inspirational in his approach? after all, ronald reagan and fdr did succeed because he gave the american public something to afford to. a guest has looked at that issue, and while this is not across the board the case, oftentimes, inspiration and giving people a positive message tends to win out over feeler, right? >> i think that is absolutely right. -- win out over fear, right? >> i think that is absolutely right. those that are able to predict optimism do better than the doom and gloom candidates, and as you say, if you look at some of our great presidents, republicans like ronald reagan and teddy roosevelt, and, of course, democratic like roosevelt and john f. kennedy, they have all been broken and expecting us to think above and beyond the d.t. as of our daily lives and to aspire to a greater vision, but what is also important, no matter what you do as president, and i think this is obama's biggest mistake, you have to bring it down to the people -- above and beyond the d
the heaviest thunderstorm activity the up in the southern portions of pennsylvania, but also a pretty good thunderstorm passing just north of frederick and on into northern baltimore. the pop-up showers will remain with us with mostly cloudy skies, scattered showers and storms some will see and some won't. how long is this pattern going to last? also, what z going on with big hurricane bill in the atlantic? the complete forecast coming up. >>>a teenager was shot overnight in northwest baltimore this morning. neighbors called police because the teen was lying in the middle of bell avenue. the victim had been shot in the head. he was rushed to the hospital in grave condition. ween do not have any suspects or the latest on his condition. >>>police need your help finding shooters in pig town. a man was shot several times in the back around 11:30 last night. in an unrelated incident a man was shot in the 800 block of carol street. both men were taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. friends and family said good-bye today to a baltimore city firefighter. james edwin smith jr. passed
made its way up into pennsylvania. what we have got right mere in the baltimore area, scattered showers and more thunderstorms rye main back to the west of our region. we have got flood advisories in effect for southern pennsylvania as well as cecil and kent counties. we have also got a flood warning that lil you et county in pennsylvania just to the southwest of the pittsburgh rebegin, i'm sorry the philadelphia region, not philadelphia. our forecast for the overnight period, mostly cloudy. quite a bit of fog. we'll see an overnight low of 71 degrees. we'll have the complete forecast coming up in 71 minutes. >>> a veteran baltimore police officer is under investigation for allegedly roughing up a 15- year-old boy less than a mile from his home. >> reporter: mary bev it has only been two days but they have letters to her councilman and the mayor and us as well saying the officer threatened and harassed her son as he was walking home from basketball practice. at 6'1" the 15-year-old is already a budding basketball star but he missed practice lately. >> i don't want to go outside, i don't
star tonight at 10:00. for now live in belaire, fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> pennsylvania senator specter gets heated after voters make the voice heard in a town hall meeting today. >> if you want to stay in the hall, if you want to stay in the hall we are not going to tolerate any demonstrations or any boo so it is up to you. >>reporter: republican turned democrat faced a crowded hall of angry voters in lebanon, lebanon, pennsylvania. meeting got off to bad start after specter told the crowd only a handful of people would have a chance to ask a question. >> you have awake ended a sleeping giant. we are tired of this. this is why everybody in this room is so ticked off. i don't want this country turning into russia. turning into a socialized country. >>reporter: president obama himself also put himself on the front line of health care reform battle today. he hosted a town hall meeting in new hampshire. president obama says the one trillion dollar 10 year plan is key to long-term economic stability. >> because right now we have a health care system that too often works better for th
county, pennsylvania that does continue in effect until 6:30. take a look at the radar. you can see the thunderstorms moving through southern maryland, and also the heavy thunderstorm activity right now moving through the harrisburg region. our forecast for the metro baltimore and annapolis area for tonight mostly cloudy. storms mostly to the south of us. our temperatures will be in the 80s. but as we go through the evening, there is still a chance we could see some scattered showers make their way into the baltimore area. a little bit later on tonight. we'll talk about that in the forecast in a couple of minutes. >>> it's happened again. another carbon monoxide leak at the cove village apartments in essex. this time a young couple and their infant daughter were rushed to the hospital. abc 2 news linda so has exclusive video of the latest co scare at covillage. >> reporter: this was the scene overnight at the cove village apartments. fire and bge crews were called to masthead court for another carbon monoxide leak. >> i had a false alarm about a year or two back. but nothing like th
the time. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, arlen specter faced a room full of hecklers. >> wait a minute? you want to leave? leave. >> reporter: people opposed to the public option are voicing their dissatisfaction and position. president obama has two town halls scheduled this friday in montana and colorado. it includes out-of-pocket costs and insurance companies. >>> different states, same story. this is how things went in maryland when senator ben carden held his town hall on healthcare. not exactly a warm welcome in baltimore county. senator irwin will try tomorrow at hagerstown community college at 1:00 p.m.: tonight the nation is remembering eunice kennedy shriver who died today at the age of 88. she was a member of a legendary political family, sister of president john f. kennedy and sister to ted f. kennedy. her legacy goes far beyond the family. she changed the lives of disabled people by creating the special olympics. tom fitzgeralds herewith more. >> reporter: shriver had suffered a series of strokes in recent years. all 19 of her grandchildren were at her side. shriver was the f
. briggs was found after the killing naked and preaching inside a western pennsylvania homeless shelter. >>> police have the man they say is possible for a murder last month. and charged with killing lamont gordon junior. he shot him then took off for florida. he was picked up on unrelated charges and linked to the murder. this morning a police officer is changing her story in a shooting case. and shot and killed a man back in february and had his nephew locked up and for restling the officer for her gun. and the and the admits she blamed the wrong man. and remained in jail for six months until the officer testified that she may have confused him with an unidentified suspect. and the lawyer says he will file a lawsuit it will be up to the state's attorney whether the shooting was justified and whether the officer could face charges or not. >>> this morning the fbi is trying to figure out if anyone knew of the pennsylvania gunman's plans to gun down women before the shootings. he was on a blog and the blog documented his ailation from women. and in january and he chickened out and bought
's rage, women. john berman has the latest from bridgeville, pennsylvania. >> reporter: police say george sodini had no relationship with any of the women he shot here. george sodini said he had no relationship with any women at all. we know that because the 48-year-old law firm systems analyst tried to tell us. in a soul-spilling blog. a road map to murder. why do this to young girls? he asks. just read below. in december of 2008, he writes, no girlfriend since 1984. who knows why. i'm not ugly or too weird. no sex since july 1990, either. the l.a. fitness club member fretted over appearance. december 29th, 2008. just got back from tanni. been doing this for a while. i actually look good. i dress good. am clean-shaven, bathe, touch of colon. yet, 30 million women rejected me over an 18 or 25-year period. he said he first considered his deadly plan in the summer of 2008. but in january 2009, he actually game close. i brought the loaded guns. everything. hell. but by july, he was back at it. girls and women don't give me a second look anywhere. there is something blatantly wrong with me th
on the thermometer in baltimore. we got low 50s -- sorry, low 60s and 50s showing up. 59 is at york, pennsylvania. 58 winchester. 64 though crossing to the eastern shore in easton and towards dover, delaware. still 71 degrees in ocean city. we're virtually clear and relatively dry. a little bit of patchy fog this morning but we go out of the mid-60s and quickly jump into the low 80s by lunchtime. this afternoon our two-degree guaranteed high gets us to 88 with realt low humidity. that should be somewhat comfortable by late august standards. another hot day tomorrow. then we're talking about the potential of a tropical system trying to roll up the coast by the weekend. more on that coming up. >>> let's check the roads with kim now. approaching 6:32. >> thank you. 95 southbound looking good actually in both directions of 95 through howard county either headed to the capitol beltway or baltimore city beltway. but we have road hazards that have intersections closed. downtown saratoga street remains closed in both directions between mlk and greene streets because of the watermain break repair. expect
. abc's aaron katersky reports this morning from grijville, pennsylvania. >> reporter: the gunman walked into an exercise class, turned off the lights and started shooting. >> they were in a pilates class or something like that. they turned the lights out. and the shooting started. >> i could see flashes in the dark. that's when i realized someone was using a firearm inside there. >> reporter: the l.a. fitness club is located in bridgeville, pennsylvania, outside pittsburgh. people who worked out at the club said they always felt safe and often brought their children. one witness said the gunman was the boyfriend of one of the victims and was trying to kill her. >> she was shot through the leg. she was bleeding a lot. i think it was an ex-boyfriend. she kept saying he's going to kill me. he's going to kill me. >> reporter: strangers did what they could until ambulances and medical personnel were arrived. two guns were removed from the scene. but they have not confirmed a motive. >> the problem of coming up with a motive at this point is, we don't have the people identified. >> reporter:
strong storms in pennsylvania earlier this afternoon. now there are strong storms in western pennsylvania. some of those were severe. but is beginning to give up a little bit. around the baltimore metropolitan area, except for a few showers north and northwest of the city, but in the state of maryland, rainfall was really minimal today. we will see what happens typically the seventh year 85 would be the high. the record for the date is 105 in 1983. 76 was the low. the record is kind of significant. it looks like 49 is the first time we have got into the record low in the 40's for several weeks, so i think we are passing a benchmark. the days are getting shorter, and temperatures will start to cool down. annapolis is 83. 81 at westminster curator there're some cool temperatures earlier today because of the sort of rolled through the area in lancaster county to regain here are those storms in western pennsylvania. our rain chances are not very high tonight. we have to wait for tomorrow for the sun to heat things up and for the cold front to get closer. it's really stirs the atmosphere, stor
will do that as well. >> thank you very much. america's first oil well was drilled in pennsylvania 150 years ago today. now it is natural gas that is bringing prospective to the area in droves. massing price this is the birthplace of america's energy industry. and it is a look at how america may have a solution to america's growing energy needs. >> 1.5 miles down is the largest gas field in the entire united states. they believe it can help break this country's dependence on foreign oil. >> natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. it can be used in cars, as a motor vehicle fuel. it can be used to generate electricity. it can be liquefied and used as jet aviation fuel. they natural gas developed in this country at this point in time could really get us to energy independence. >> pennsylvania was the center of another energy boom 150 years ago today. the oil rush. since then, the u.s. has become the world's biggest consumer of energy. this country desperately needs a new energy solution and that is causing a growing political division between those who believe that the answer lie
indicating the heaviest activity is up here in pennsylvania. showers remain around them. there's still some down southwest. as you can tell, not everybody's going to be seeing them. they say it's not the heat but the humidity. look at this. at the school the temperature is 88, but it feels like 95. look at the naval academiem it's really 85 but feels like 96. it feels like # 8 at the gillman school in the baltimore area. your forecast for this evening will be sticky giving rise to shower and scattered storm activity. 80s for the next couple of hours. tomorrow, yeah, we're going to repeat it once again. we'll tell you all about it in just a couple of minutes. >>thanks, norm. > >>in a somber concession to his health senator edward kennedy is appealing for a speedy succession if that becomes necessary. the senator who is battling brain cancer has been too i will to return to washington and recently missed his sister's funeral. >>reporter: it's a request only senator edward kennedy could make. in a recent letter the ailing senator asks massachusetts governor patrick to change state law making a
nay va standing by. >> we have some really nasty weather up in pennsylvania. it may affect part of the area. let's go to the maps, talk about what's going on. you can see that severe thunderstorm watch in effect. it's basically for most of maryland. so north of the potomac we have the severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 11:00. we have a couple warnings now just north of the mason-dixon line and over towards philadelphia. you can see the nasty weather there in pennsylvania. this will continue to push south over the next couple of hours and affect areas basically north and east of the district. temperatures are in the mid-90s. feel like the upper 90s. tomorrow will be even worse. we have heat advisories in effect for a good part of the east coast. just how hot will it get tomorrow? just how hot will it feel? of course, we're going to talk about that c uingp in just ain ro aut t patistet mp dlo ca> >>lhee ha tt is prompted ocal governments to set up coolingcote crsen. th astr d has oped up t two awond te epcrrs. fairfax county's cnglioo stations will be open. and people who
thunderstorm activity. is coming out of pennsylvania and wdeill come do into extreme northeaste sef io ons o. awnd, deelar there is a thunderstorm watch is fed. su or11:00, which doesn include the district. parts of the east, northeast :re included in the watch tiw l 0, h0lltoe'ave 11 wch avthe thunderstorms. you can see the watch box to the north of us, and stju ddstd within the last 10 minutes or so. this watch doesn't include the nostrict but points to the he ast,the east, including anne arundel county. it does not include prince 'sgegeor county. and i believe that just came out gea couplof moments ago. i'm only looking at this partoof the watch as it comes on true view. heat the e ofth temperatures out there are 96 so far the high temperature for national so far. 90 for lees best sburg. and here is the het adsory, for montgomery county, fairfax county off to the east as well in effect for tomorrow. the tomorrow. the heat will last a couple of more days, details in the full forecast, back to you. >>> and several bodies found after a plane collided yesterday in the hudson river yesterd
or traffic light. we desperately need something along pennsylvania avenue. there are too many accidents within a six-block radius. >> i say pennsylvania and alabama is definitely a troubled intersection. steep coming down. it's rush hour. a lot of cars. a lot of pedestrians. it's a busy intersection and busy intersections probably need a little bit more traffic calming. >> reporter: alexander says this most recent accident will probably help the community get a fix sooner than later and it never hurts when the mayor witnesses a terrible crash in person. in southeast, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> want to talk about a different crash now, this one involving d.c. mayor adrian fenty. a lot of questions. just a fender bender in northwest on sunday but tonight fox 5 has learned a police report is contradicting a spokesman's account of that crash. roby chavez here with the news edge on this. >> reporter: brian, here it is. this police report offers in you details and it also points to several procedures apparently not followed by the mayor after his accident in a city-owned vehicle. after lo
the district. dramatic video. look at these pictures. a wild crash on pennsylvania avenue and southeast. witnesses jumping in to help pull people from the smoking wreckage. karen gray houston was on the scene as this unfolded. karen, what is the latest? >> reporter: here is what we know. five people injured. some more seriously than others. at the accident at the intersection of pennsylvania and alabama avenue. let's take a look at that. that is what is left. you can tell by looking at one s.u.v. upside down, that tan oldsmobile wreckage, this was a terrible scene. the video that you will be looking at may be very disturbing. it was a very chaotic situation. i heard the loud boom myself. that was ward 7 councilwoman y vet alexander asking someone to call 911. many of us were here for a news conference called by the mayor on hiv and aids awareness. the tan vehicle was smoking. i never saw flames but somebody got a fire extinguisher. eyewitnesses tried to rush to pull open doors to get the drivers and passengers out of both vehicles. they removed some of the injured before f
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